Body Prayer

(art by Paulo Nicho Cumez  found here )

(art by Paulo Nicho Cumez found here)

You are a Beast of Wonder, Dear Body. ~ morning writing               

Like love wrapped in a blanket, the tones of my skin,

Like ancestors traversing my inner galaxies,

Like secrets of birth, of death, of beauty embedded in curves of muscle, bone and tissue,

My body is eternal and new each day.

With every dawn your cells attune to possibility,

Learning to meet the glow of the Sun over and over, anew.

With each dusk you settle into solace and let the darkness take you,

Teaching me there is no permanence here.

Every second this heart, this oasis, this well, this mountain of mystery beats life throughout my being un-beckoned.

Playing a poignant, tender and diligent role in the galaxy of Me,

So that I may play a simple and significant role in the galaxy of All.

You are a beast of wonder, dear body.

Sometimes I betray you with hateful thoughts, comparisons, pressures that aren't real to the Soul.

And yet you are the ultimate instrument of compassion,

Loving me back anyways, in your rhythmic container of life.

Thank you dear body, for being the ground to my being, and crowning my journey with grace

Prayer Walker - Written for MySelf

Rio Grande Arroyo, Albuquerque

Rio Grande Arroyo, Albuquerque

Prayer Walker

Wisdom Walker, Way Walker, Prayer Walker.

There is a sleeping Maestra in this student.


Today I shattered from the trigger of worthlessness,

and then my Soul divined a healing salve in each waking cell,

and I remembered who I am.


I speak the language of the land.

Medicine Woman

dancing her own heartbeat song.

I carry water in my eyes,

the color of rain.


My skin is Celtic.

My blood is Native.

My bones of storytelling bards.


As I decolonize my micro-mind,

I liberate the macro-spirit.


My heart is awkward, but large.

How can it not be awkward in a world that has labeled it as secondary?

As if it is not the organ bridging my reality with the Heavens.


I am stardust organized in a woman’s body.


My nervous system will read a room,

tell me where healing is to be had,

guide my virgo hands

to bring the touch of Madre Tierra’s miraculous compassion to body and soul.


I often resist this,

but resistance is not who I am.


My world is an intersection of webs,

of systems in coherence or discord,

functioning as parts of one whole.

My vision is whole.


My Spirit is an Eagle.

Regal and scrappy,

visionary and grassroots,

harking back always to the call of this land.


My spirit is  #NMTrue,

melting into wisps of sky blue,

and resilient as a desert yucca.


I am awakening to the wisdom inside,

to the healing that sits in places.


I am praying my way into wholeness.

Silence is my refuge and my greatest fear.


I am learning to listen to the great unspoken

and string it into worldly knowings.


I am a young woman making my inevitable mark on the world,

while asking that it be in service.


I am my strongest and most vulnerable self.


I am lifetimes of learning in one sacred vessel,

loosening my voice from its bottled neck,

and writing my way forward.


My magic is too potent to suppress.


Written For MySelf

I Will Stay


unsplash-logoRoman Kraft "My eyes widen with knowing, as a car pulls up and windows roll down. Somehow we have come to meet at this fateful stoplight. When it turns green, we'll go from a path apart to a path enjoined. This couldn't have been organized by anything less than the Stars. Comfort. Joy. Adventure. Life has become suddenly delicious and safe in the arms of a soulmate.

I am a zombie still dying her own death. The life inside me has only tears to offer the world. I don't want to be here. Not without him. I try to escape and I fail. I hid from so much, by focusing on him and now it is boiling up, lava turned volcanic ash, and burning the joy from my life. Will I ever know anything else?

Walking. Lots and lots of walking Trees, sand, rivers, lakes, sunlight, rain. This world has so much beauty for me, that has nothing to do with me. I get to be a bystander to beauty. But wait. It's also inside of me. I feel it here and there, this light growing like a sunrise, imploring me to merge with all the potent colors of the world. There....there, now. I have made it to some unknown wholeness and connection. An utterance of divinity has seeped into my bones and I will stay. I will stay until my bones sing beauty as they walk. I will stay."

Lunch With A Coyote Nun


photo by:   Joshua Wilking  

Crows playing,                                                                                                                                         circling,                                                                                                                                                     concentric,                                                                                                                                               ca-cawing.

I ate lunch with a coyote nun today.

She placed blessed salt water on my head.

It felt as if two gifts were given.

I christened her "Coyote" and she christened me with Sea.

The desert and the sea sat in oversimplified ceremony, following blessed sarcasm.

The meeting of Souls                                                                                                                              from different spaces entirely,                                                                                                          bonded through some seeing of one another that cannot be described.

....And I am writing, just like that.

It is Death O'clock.   I wonder what may come before 7?

 ~ October 2017 free write after lunch.

Brave Girl.


This is for all the "sensitives" out there.(Note to self when feeling "weak")

You are "no make-up on a date night" brave,                                                                      because you prefer a potential partner to receive a real impression of you.

You are "first girl on the dance floor" brave,                                                                          because there's no justification for a wasted beat.

You are "personal recovery work" brave, because you prefer deep seas to the gleaming surface.

You are "vulnerable in love" brave, because you sleep better at night with a heart that didn't hold back, even if it is bruised and bleeding from rejection.

You are "I'm going to love myself ANYWAYS" brave, when shame or guilt wrestle with your self love.

You are "walk away from what WAS your life's work" brave, able to accept that years of devotion to a cause may be forgotten in a week and humbling yourself to the realm of the "Fool": innocent, knows nothing, naive and unestablished beginner, who has only two legs, curiosity and faith to stand on.

You are "willing to cry in public" brave, unwilling to diminish the power and purpose of your body's water.

You are "start-up, stake-claimed, community-builder" brave, believing your visions deserve a chance and generous enough to share what you see even if it feels out of this world and intangible.

You are "social networking" brave, confronting the complete awkwardness and social anxiety of your personality again and again,

You are "seek compassion before justice" brave, even though self-righteous anger is much more popular.

You are "heart on your sleeve" brave, because you never knew how to cover it up and your only option has been to carry it with courage.

You are "all the questions" brave, admitting how little you actually know.

You are "comfortable with confrontation" brave, prioritizing real trust over a false sense of security in relationship.

You are "ummm hey guys, sometimes I see that haven't happened yet" brave, despite being told countless times that it's not real.

Brave Girl Brave, Brave Girl. Your heart is a giant and her courage a deep ocean, a red wood tree, and the vast sky                                                                                                                                      that paints desert mountains blue.

Remember who you are, Brave Girl.