Spring Contributors to Bruja's bag

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Ramona TEo

"Witch (or bruja) is a sensitive word for most people. It is often misunderstood and has a connotation of fear around it. But originally, I believe, a witch was simply a woman in tune with her spirituality who was not afraid to use her powers to influence the world around her. What a witch does with those powers is up to her. Like everyone else, she can use her abilities for positive change or to do harm. From an outsider's perspective, all uses of her power can appear frightening. In actuality, a witch isn't inherently good or bad."


Trish MCcaul

Brujas and witches, for me, are working to the same aim. It's about reconnecting to the song in your bones that your grandmothers left there. It's about reaching into the undercurrent (or overcurrent), the tapestry that connects all life. This place operates in a different set of "rules". Brujas and witches can dwell in that mystery, and help people better themselves by acting as a conduit to connect them to it, or rather to remind them it is there. Each bruja and each witch does this in their own unique way.

There is so much more to this.

Erica perras

Erica perras

To me, being a bruja means connecting with our collective ancestral wisdom, tapping into the earth and using that knowledge to reclaim sovereignty over my own life.


Cassandra dixon

"Always use your powers for good. Focus on your magic. Practice."

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Anita Lara-beckler

"Identifying as Bruja, is a spiritual connection to the earth, the stars, the waters, the ancestors and all living beings. Being Bruja is learning to read the signs of the earth and universal elements to find a path of peace in power. La Bruja is a bond between the feminine spirit and embracing the natural gift of life. Connecting everyday with the sacred winds of breath, the inner fire of the heart, the fluidity of our emotional waters and the purposeful path that grounds us to earth beneath our feet. Knowing that in any direction my body, mind and spirit may follow, I will never be lost."

                                                   CARLI ROMERO

                                                   CARLI ROMERO

Each Witch is all her own.  No one has dominion over magic.  We, that identify as such or are identified as such,  are simply people practicing presence in the world, orienting toward possibility, and engaging curiosity in the things that bring us to life.  Terms such as witch, bruja and curandera are given to healers of all kinds - those that heal through touch, herbs, songs, storytelling, art, energy, education and more.  They are terms that have been historically demonized to diminish our direct connection to the divine.  We all have this.  ALL people have a healing in them to share with the world.  Certain traditions are held in certain words and certain words originate from cultural contexts.  It is important to honor the lineage of tradition and apprenticeship belonging to for example, Curanderismo, which can be easily co-opted; AND at the same time honor the ways you know you are fucking magical even if you do not belong to a wisdom tradition that has survived.